It is Time to Compost

Summer is the time for Composting.

Although we compost all year round, Spring and Summer is the time to get it into the flower beds and onto the grass.

With our Local composting restrictions in Canmore, (we cannot compost outside overnight due to the perceived animal attractant), we can compost during the day as long as it inside overnight. By keeping our compost in my garage over the winter it really slows down the whole process as it is so cool, I am always excited to get it out and dispersed the home made fertiliser and free up some space in the garage!

Composting year round as had a real positive impact on our dumpster!

We estimate that we have been able to reduce pick up by close to 50% and the result is also greatly reduced the need of chemical fertilizers.

We do have the greenest grass in Canmore this early in the Spring

We are currently composting all vegetable and fruit and fruit sc raps, (stay away from all meat items) cutting up skins into smaller pieces really seems to help the process. So rather than a peel of pineapple being 3” wide and 8” long, by cutting it into 1” square pieces is quick job, and makes a big difference on the time it takes to turn it into great soil.

During the Summer months, I roll my composting balls out of the garage to catch the summer heat, also turning them daily really speeds everything up as well. During the summer I can get 2 full batches of nutrient rich soil out of each, plus the wonderful liquid gold juice that flows and can be used on your potted plants and flower beds.  I  have them empty by mid September, which is great because once the heat is out of the sun, the process slows done to  8 months per ball. As I don’t want to use electricity in this process, I want to keep it as natural and as low footprint as possible.

Having two balls is great as I can fill up one, and then not add anything until it’s done, and still be filling the second.

Things to stay away from, in a process as quick as the way I do it, are: coffee grounds, eggs shells, pineapple heads etc.  Again, if you are able to compost outside and have more space and therefore time is not an issue, throw these in as well.

We obtained our compost balls through the airmiles rewards which was a bonus.  Our are made by Blue Planet and we can highly recommend them.  There is some great information on there site and also outlets where you can obtain them in Canada, USA. 

Good luck and email me with any questions!


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